Gilded Petal Necklace Set
Gilded Petal Necklace Set
Gilded Petal Necklace Set

Gilded Petal Necklace Set

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Introducing our Gilded Petal Necklace Set, a luxurious ensemble crafted in brass that effortlessly exudes cocktail chic, making it the perfect accessory for your night occasions. This set is designed to captivate with its intricate petal-inspired details and refined elegance.

Made in brass, the Gilded Petal Necklace Set showcases a balance of opulence and modern sophistication. The necklace, adorned with gilded petals, adds a touch of glamour and femininity, making it an exquisite choice for a night out on the town.

The brass construction provides a rich and warm undertone, enhancing the overall luxurious appeal of the set. The necklace may feature a stunning arrangement of gilded petals that gracefully cascade, creating a statement piece that is sure to turn heads at any cocktail event.

Paired with coordinating earrings, this set is designed to complete your evening look with a touch of botanical elegance and timeless charm. Whether it's a glamorous party or a special night occasion, the Gilded Petal Necklace Set is your go-to accessory for making a lasting impression.

Embrace the allure of gilded petals and the sophistication of brass with this exquisite set, elevating your cocktail chic style for unforgettable night occasions.

Material : Brass, Semi-precious Stones