About us

Jewel Box by Arnav is a multi-designer concept that represents an assortment of leading designers that feature elements of heritage, alternate materials, vivid influences, and weave relevant and contemporary storylines into their jewellery. Our endeavour to infuse the essence of timeless traditions with a modern aesthetic is the truest form of our expression.

At Jewel Box, each piece of jewellery is an interpretation of creativity, character and craft. Our hand-picked collection of jewellery is intuitively curated to offer versatile and statement options for the ever-evolving woman. 

Brand Philosophy of Jewel Box by Arnav: 
Curated for those that see art and design as an experience, Jewel Box is about storytelling. Our belief is that jewellery has a soul, and that it speaks to people in magical ways. Our ethos is to empower choices that speak to those that seek the finer things in life. 
Authenticity of JB as a brand: 
Our customers describe us as an experience that feels like coming home to aplomb. An abundance of unique design, fine craftsmanship, and one of a kind taste. At Arnav, the shift we’ve made from designer to curator is the journey from artist to gallery. However, our innate DNA is unwavering.