NOYRA is, first and foremost, a jewelry brand driven by passion, purpose and courage.

    Based in India, each piece is crafted by various vendors and artisans based in Jaipur - the hub of jewelry making in the world. They handle every step of creation right from selecting the perfect gemstone, to crafting it in brass, and then plating using the best quality techniques. With their expertise, each piece of jewelry comes into existence while upholding impeccable jewelry standards.

    NOYRA was created at the intersection of a personal ambition and a market gap: to provide patrons with high-quality jewelry that is ageless at affordable price points, while symbolizing the strength within all of us through each one’s beauty. Whether it’s a pendant or earrings, each piece shares our love for art, culture, and history that comes together to create something truly unique and timeless.

    10 products

    10 products