Roshni Earrings
Roshni Earrings
Roshni Earrings

Roshni Earrings

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Introducing our "Roshni Earrings" – a celestial delight crafted in the form of hoops. Inspired by the moon, these earrings exude ethereal charm and timeless elegance.

If you're a fan of hoops and love adding a touch of celestial magic to your looks, then the Roshni Earrings are perfect for you. Each hoop is carefully crafted to resemble a piece of the moon, adding a unique and mystical element to your ensemble.

Roshni holds a special place in our hearts as it represents our first and final design from Chaand. We poured our love and creativity into crafting these earrings, and we hope they make you feel just as special when you wear them.

Elevate your style and embrace the celestial beauty with the Roshni Earrings. Let them be a reminder of the magic and wonder that surrounds us, and allow them to add a touch of sparkle to every outfit.

Material : Brass

Size : Length: 6 cms