Pure Silver Pearl Drop Evil Eye Necklace

Pure Silver Pearl Drop Evil Eye Necklace

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Introducing our Pure Silver Pearl Drop Evil Eye Necklace, a mesmerizing blend of ancient symbolism and contemporary elegance. This exquisite necklace is designed to evoke a sense of protection and grace, making it a meaningful and fashionable addition to your jewelry collection.

Crafted with the utmost care and precision, our Pure Silver Pearl Drop Evil Eye Necklace features a delicate 18kt rose gold that beautifully drapes around your neck. Suspended from the chain is a stunning Evil Eye pendant, intricately designed with intricate detailing. The Evil Eye, a powerful symbol believed to ward off negativity and bring good luck, is meticulously adorned with shimmering Swarovski crystals, captivating the gaze of onlookers.

The pendant which is crafted with a lustrous freshwater pearl that elegantly dangles, adding a touch of sophistication and natural beauty. The pearl's soft iridescence complements the Swarovski crystals tones, creating a harmonious and eye-catching combination.

Our necklace is carefully crafted from 18kt rose gold, ensuring both durability and a radiant shine. This captivating piece perfectly complements any neckline or outfit.

Wear our Pure Silver Pearl Drop Evil Eye Necklace as a stylish statement piece or as a meaningful talisman that embraces your unique sense of style and protection. Let its timeless beauty and symbolic significance empower you with a sense of confidence and grace.


Swarovski, Pearl, Silver, 18kt Rose gold plating


Total length- 47 cm


Rose Gold