Laddoo Earbulbs (Glazed in silver)
Laddoo Earbulbs (Glazed in silver)
Laddoo Earbulbs (Glazed in silver)

Laddoo Earbulbs (Glazed in silver)

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Indulge in the delicate charm of leaf design Ear Bulbs, inspired by the irresistible and beloved Indian sweet. adding a touch of subtlety to your overall style. These exquisite small stud earrings whisper a tale of sophistication, and captivating hearts with their delicate bulb-shaped design gracing your ears with a touch of subtlety.

Laddoo Earbulbs are a true testament to minimalism. The heart of these enchanting ear bulbs lies in the semi-precious Ruby, meticulously set using the age-old Kundan setting technique effortlessly illuminates your face and enchants the beholder’s eye.

In the dance of light and shadow, the Laddoo ear bulbs shine as a beacon of elegance. Laddoo Earbulbs are not just an adornment; they are the embodiment of romanticism, and elegance that delicately enhance your style. Like a cherished secret shared among kindred spirits, these silver ear bulbs encapsulate the essence of love and beauty.

As you adorn yourself with these leaf designed sterling silver studs, let them weave a story of timeless allure that lingers in the hearts of beholders.

Material: Silver, Ruby Kundan Setting.

Size :Length: 3cm, Width: 3cm