Jamoon Earclimbers (Glazed in silver)
Jamoon Earclimbers (Glazed in silver)
Jamoon Earclimbers (Glazed in silver)

Jamoon Earclimbers (Glazed in silver)

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Jamoon Ear Climber, a true masterpiece inspired by the resplendent beauty of divine peacocks. Crafted with intricate artistry, these majestic peacock-shaped Jamoon Ear Climbers showcase two gracefully intertwined peacock heads adorned with semi-precious pink/white Kundan stones glistening in their eyes to form the eternal bond & unbreakable connection between the two.

Each plume of the falling feathers of these celestial peacocks is embellished with square-shaped semi-precious pink/white Kundans, meticulously placed using the age-old Kundan setting technique, adding a touch of colour and edge to your look. Enhancing the design’s allure is a sleek chain that glides gracefully behind your ear, ensuring a secure and flawless fit, capturing the essence of their majestic allure. This delicate chain symbolises finesses capturing the very essence of their majestic allure. 

Whether you wear these peacock-shaped sterling silver ear climbers as a festive adornment, or at a soiree that demands your presence, these peacock-inspired silver earrings will bestow upon you an air of refined sophistication. As you don these exquisite creations, an aura of elegance envelops your overall style.

For those who seek an accessory that echoes the very sentiment of their hearts, the Jamoon Ear Climber is more than adornment; it is a content reminder of a profound commitment that unites two souls as one. It's a wearable ode to the unity that intertwines two hearts into a symphony of love, an embodiment of the promise of bringing two souls together in a dance of eternity.

Material : Silver, Ruby Kundan Setting. 

Size : Length: 18cm with back extension, Width:  3 cm

Weight: under 25 gm