Empress Choker(Peridot)
Empress Choker(Peridot)

Empress Choker(Peridot)

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Step into the realm of elegance with our Empress Choker, a modern interpretation of the exotic and ornamental Paulownia tree, fondly known as the "Royal Empress" or "Princess Tree." This tree, native to Japan and Korea, holds great significance in Japanese culture, where it is referred to as "Kiri." Interestingly, "Kiri" also signifies tree bark or skin in other parts of the world, adding another layer of symbolism to this remarkable choker.

Our Empress Choker beautifully embraces the organic texture of the tree bark, capturing its natural essence. It pays homage to the tree's grace and charm through delicate touches of vanilla-scented light purple to blue-colored flowers, reminiscent of the Paulownia's blossoms. These floral accents are brilliantly echoed by carefully placed colored Swarovski crystals, adding a touch of glamour to the ends of the choker.

This petite yet statement-making choker is the perfect minimalist addition to any day-to-night outfit. Whether worn solo for a subtle touch of elegance or stacked with other necklaces for a bolder statement, the Empress Choker is versatile and captivating.

Material Handcrafted from recycled brass, embellished with Swarovski lab-grown and lead free crystals and plated in 14 kt gold.
Size Adjustable