Green Rangoli Studs
Green Rangoli Studs

Green Rangoli Studs

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Introducing our captivating Green Rangoli Stud Earrings, a fusion of cultural charm and refined craftsmanship, meticulously created in silver and polished with a hint of gold. These earrings pay homage to the timeless artistry of rangoli patterns, offering a unique and versatile accessory that beautifully combines tradition and elegance.

Each earring showcases an intricately designed rangoli motif, expertly etched to perfection. The silver base highlights the intricate detailing and delicate curves, while the gold-polished accents add a touch of radiance that mirrors the splendor of celebrations. The result is a pair of earrings that captures the essence of rangoli artistry and modern sophistication.

Our Green Rangoli Stud Earrings are a testament to the seamless blend of cultural aesthetics and contemporary style. These earrings are ideal for enhancing your everyday look with a touch of tradition, or for adding a pop of color and charm to special occasions.

The harmonious pairing of silver and gold ensures that these earrings harmonize effortlessly with various jewelry pieces and outfits. Their unique design and cultural significance make them a cherished accessory for those who appreciate the fusion of heritage and elegance.

Celebrate the intricate allure of rangoli art and the timeless appeal of precious metals with our Green Rangoli Stud Earrings. Elevate your accessory collection with a piece that embraces tradition and craftsmanship, while adding a vibrant and elegant touch to your style.

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Material : 925 Silver, Semi-precious stones

Size : Length-4 cm, Width-4cm