Arjunā Coral Mala Necklace
Arjunā Coral Mala Necklace

Arjunā Coral Mala Necklace

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The Arjunā Coral Mala Necklace is a masterpiece that exemplifies the rich heritage of Indian jewelry craftsmanship, skillfully designed to exude elegance and sophistication. Meticulously handcrafted in sterling silver and meticulously polished with a radiant gold finish, this necklace emanates a timeless charm that is bound to captivate onlookers.

Adorned with a meticulously arranged sequence of coral beads, the necklace features a traditional mala design that reflects the cultural richness and artistic finesse of Indian jewelry. The intricate silver framework has been meticulously sculpted to complement the vivid hues of the coral beads, creating a harmonious interplay between the two elements. The refined gold-polished surface accentuates the intricate detailing, adding a touch of opulence and luxury to the overall design.

Symbolizing passion and vitality, the Arjunā Coral Mala Necklace embodies the essence of Indian traditions and the spiritual significance of coral in ancient practices. Its timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship make it a versatile accessory that seamlessly complements both traditional and contemporary attire, lending an air of sophistication and grace to any ensemble. With its exquisite amalgamation of sterling silver, gold polish, and coral embellishments, this necklace stands as a stunning homage to the opulent legacy of Indian jewelry artistry.

Material : Silver, Semi-precious stones, Recycle Corals